Traditional Balinese massage Traditional Balinese massage combines different techniques
Stone Therapy Feel the power of stones during stone therapy
Anti-cellulite massage Slim It saturated the dynamic variant of massage
Foot reflexology Use technology to constant pressure
Anti-stress massage This combination, consisting of foot reflexology
Lomi Lomi After an hour of the session you will feel as if he had just returned from the resort
Creole massage Creole massage - a massage with bamboo sticks
Aroma Aromatherapy presents a sensual, olfactory pleasure
Massage with herbal bags Massage with herbal bags - a great anti-stress and mild lymphatic drainage procedure
Todoxs-lifting facial massage Muscles keep our face as a framework
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Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage returns the natural flexibility and helps to relieve pain in the back and joints. During the session, it worked out as a physical body and energy channels, and the massage therapist moves smoothly, rhythmically, almost imperceptibly passing from one movement to another. During the twists of the body, similar to the practice of yogis manage to influence the deeply underlying skeletal muscles, inaccessible ordinary classical massage.


The cost of the procedure for 1 person

60 min

90 min

    120 min    

750 UAH

900 UAH

1050 UAH


What you should know about about relaxing Thai massage?

Thai massage salon in Odessa SunCity Bali - it's a great opportunity to experience the healing properties of traditional Thai massage, while being in the hometown of Odessa.

Traditional Thai massage - is an art, shaped by the wisdom of ancient healers in China and India. This is an excellent system of healing techniques: reflexology, lymphatic drainage and acupressure, passive exercise, reminiscent of yoga. Thai massage works on energy lines that pass through the human body through stretching and massaging techniques. Also, due to twisting of the body, the master fails to work on being in the depths of skeletal muscles, thereby affecting all fully human structure. A Balinese massage as you like.

Thai massage salon in Odessa in Sun City Bali will return your body to the pristine natural flexibility, improve mobility in the joints, removes pain in the back and activates the flow of energy in the human body. Movement masseur smooth and rhythmic, almost imperceptibly successive introducing the client to a state of meditation.

The benefits of Thai massage

Thai massage is not only excellent medical procedure, but also stunning views of relaxation and stress relief. Relaxation massage salon in Odessa SunCity Bali will fill you with new vitality, thanks to the professionalism of our masters. After all, the professionalism and the quality of the massage does not only excellent performance massage techniques, but also the ability of the client to feel the energy and the physical level, intuitively guiding their movements in the necessary areas of the body. Relaxation massage salon in Sun City Bali Odessa will take you to the exotic world of the island of Thailand and give a sense of new discoveries themselves and the world around you! Visit our SPA

The main objective of Thai massage is to bring the body and mind of man in harmony with life and a sense of overwhelming joy of life! The same problem set itself and our interior Sun City Bali SPA! After all, there is no greater joy in the world than to see how incredibly transformed our customers and together with them the world! After all, the true radiance of health, youth and beauty does not overshadow! Relaxing massage in Odessa - let your dream come true in our salon Sun City Bali SPA

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