Stone Therapy Feel the power of stones during stone therapy
Anti-cellulite massage Slim It saturated the dynamic variant of massage
Traditional Thai massage Traditional Thai massage returns the natural flexibility
Foot reflexology Use technology to constant pressure
Anti-stress massage This combination, consisting of foot reflexology
Lomi Lomi After an hour of the session you will feel as if he had just returned from the resort
Creole massage Creole massage - a massage with bamboo sticks
Aroma Aromatherapy presents a sensual, olfactory pleasure
Massage with herbal bags Massage with herbal bags - a great anti-stress and mild lymphatic drainage procedure
Todoxs-lifting facial massage Muscles keep our face as a framework
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Traditional Balinese massage

Traditional Balinese massage combines different techniques and helps to be in good shape, even when saturated with the rhythm of life. This type of massage has a characteristic effect of relaxation and calm, which is achieved by touching the inner parts of the hands, elbows and methods of acupuncture. Massage helps to restore blood flow, has a curative effect due to the flow of blood to the internal organs, oxygenates and important impact on energy points. The massage is performed with the use of fragrant, nutritious massage oils. Recommended course of 10-15 massages at intervals of 2-3 days.


The cost of the procedure for 1 person

60 min

90 min

120 min

750 UAH

900 UAH

1050 UAH


Traditional Balinese massage 4 hands.

The cost of the procedure for 1 person:

60 min

90 min

120 min

1300 UAH

1600 UAH

1850 UAH

Good to know about Balinese massage

Traditional Balinese massage in the salon Sun City Bali Odessa is performed on the basis of ancient Balinese techniques. He carries the deepest wisdom and understanding of the laws of motion of energy in the human body. After a full recovery, harmony and eternal youth and beauty are only possible taking into account all aspects: physical, energetic, spiritual, mental. Therefore, traditional Balinese massage combines several techniques: aromatherapy, classical massage, acupressure technique, facial massage, Ayurveda. This is a deep tissue massage relieves body tension and promotes better sleep. Often, during this process, our customers are immersed in the sweet relaxing "poludremu" ...

Features Balinese massage

The Balinese have created a magical technique, claim that their massage gives a person the inexhaustible vitality, harmony, luck, health, awareness, beauty and love - love of self and the surrounding world. Seeing the sparkle and the happiness in the eyes of our customers after the Balinese massage, we can safely say that the words of the Balinese - very true! Also, Thai massage may also interest you.

Traditional Balinese massage salon in Odessa Sun City Bali consists of several stages. First Master massaging the feet and hands, activating the energy channels in the fingers, only then transferred to the housing body. Gentle relaxing strokes alternate active kneading of muscles and pressure on the acupressure points of the body. Because of this your body relaxes more and more, and is immersed in harmony and tranquility, watching the feelings and touch. Massage relieves pain, is working on the spine and joints, improves blood circulation, allowing the flow of oxygen to internal organs, and natural oils to nourish the skin. A facial massage in Odessa - a great way to combat the early wrinkles.

Traditional Balinese massage salon in Odessa in Sun City Bali - the best gift for yourself and loved ones!

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