Traditional Balinese massage Traditional Balinese massage combines different techniques
Stone Therapy Feel the power of stones during stone therapy
Anti-cellulite massage Slim It saturated the dynamic variant of massage
Traditional Thai massage Traditional Thai massage returns the natural flexibility
Foot reflexology Use technology to constant pressure
Anti-stress massage This combination, consisting of foot reflexology
Lomi Lomi After an hour of the session you will feel as if he had just returned from the resort
Creole massage Creole massage - a massage with bamboo sticks
Aroma Aromatherapy presents a sensual, olfactory pleasure
Massage with herbal bags Massage with herbal bags - a great anti-stress and mild lymphatic drainage procedure
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Todoxs-lifting facial massage

Muscles keep our face as a framework, they are responsible for ensuring that our face was taut and toned. Keeping muscle tone will help you and lifting facial massage & mdash; a profound study of muscular frame, facial muscles and static. The final touch will be a special cream that gives a fast lifting effect and greatly reduces pronounced wrinkles. As a result, you can achieve the effect of Botox injections, without resorting to injections! Treat yourself to a session of beauty and rejuvenation!


The cost of the procedure for 1 person

60 min-1 treatment

5 procedures

700 UAH

2950 UAH


Useful than a facial massage?

The most delightful in a woman & ndash; it's her face! After all, in the face of manifest the beauty of the inner world! And every woman, at any age, wants to preserve this pristine beauty and youth face, to admire the reflection in a mirror and was happy to take the admiring glances of men! But the beautiful young face & ndash; it is not only a good smooth skin, this facial muscles tightened! Unfortunately, over time, the facial muscles lose their tone and become sluggish, but in fact they make our face taut and toned! But how to maintain and strengthen the power of facial muscles, how to prevent the emergence and development of wrinkles? The answer is & ndash; Todoxs-lifting facial massage in the salon Sun City Bali Odessa!

Features of our facial massage in Odessa

We have created a special massage for deep study of the muscular base in areas of facial muscle activity and static sites. This massage in Odessa promotes and toning facial muscles, improves blood circulation under the skin, fade wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

It secured a special facial massage with natural cream to create a lifting effect, which nourishes the skin with nutrients, tightens and strengthens, smooths wrinkles. Now, to achieve the effect of Botox injections, you do not need to resort to injections! What better way of beauty and youth, supported by natural means and methods!

Todoxs-lifting facial massage in the spa salon SPA Sun City Bali in Odessa & ndash; It is the best investment in the charm and beauty of your femininity!

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