Scrubbing Scrubbing of the body allows you to clean, moisturize and tone your skin
Nourishing Mask-wrapping We offer you various options for scrubs
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Shirodhara Meditative massage rejuvenates the skin and soul, helps to relax and illumine the consciousness. The warm medicated oil is a thin continuous stream flows in the center of the forehead, and then the whole body massage. Shirodhara gives a condition similar to a trance, causing a flow of pleasant feelings that are deeply relax the furthest corners of the mind and body. There is opening and softening the face and forehead, relaxing facial muscles. You will regain your face, removing the mask negative emotions and stress, feel the release of stagnant energy in the body.


The cost of the procedure for 1 person

30 min Shirodhara
+60 Min – Traditional Balinese massage

60 min Shirodhara
+60 Min - Traditional Balinese massage

1500 UAH

1650 UAH