Rules of stay

These Policies are developed on the basis of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism", the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" number 1023-XII of 12.05.1991 and "Rules for the use of hotels and similar ways of accommodation and hotel services" approved by Order State Tourist Administration of Ukraine №19 from 16.03.2004 city, as well as other legal acts and regulate relations in the field of hotel services, and other value-added services (hereinafter jointly referred to - hotel services).

Number of apartments in Odessa is available upon presentation of a passport or other identity document.
Citizen makes the administrator passport or equivalent document, issued after the registration of the room key.
Check-out time at the hotel 15:00. Check out reviews carried out at 11:00.
Early check-in and late check-out - paid 100% of the daily rate at high season and 50% of daily rate at law season.

Early check-in must be clarified in advance.

Check in and check out on the same day, regardless of the number of hours paid for accommodation of 100% of the cost of living.

Booking conditions

Priority right to accommodation, get the person with a confirmed reservation.
Booking is done by sending the application to the Department of booking via telephone or the Internet.
If guaranteed reservation, a fixed amount prepaid.
If the guest with guaranteed reservations are not taken advantage of prepaid accommodation services on the specified day of arrival and has not canceled reservation up to 14 days before the expected date of arrival, the advance payment for the accommodation is not refundable. (Does not apply during high season, from 26.06 till 01.09, from 29.12 on 03.01 from 30.04 at 04.05)
When refusing a guest staying at the complex on the day of arrival or during the stay, no refund.
Compliance with the order at the hotel

Settled in a hotel and getting to the use of property in the room, you must carefully handle it, avoiding its damage. To get it back upon check-out in the same state. In cases of damage to property, the hotel management has the right to charge you the cost, according to the market value. Follow the rules of hotel accommodation, be polite with other guests and the hotel administration. For the violation of public order administration has the right to ask you to leave the hotel.
Do not use tees and extenders and powerful electrical appliances. If necessary, recharge the batteries during the absence of the visitor in the room, you should contact your administrator, who will supply to charge the battery (mobile phone, camcorder, etc.).
It is unacceptable to leave without having to open the cold taps, and most importantly, hot water. Do not leave them open after leaving the room.
Accommodation with pets is prohibited.
The hotel complex is not smoking.
The area of ??the hotel, all entrances to it, internal stairs, hall controlled cameras. All the information recorded is recorded on digital media and stored. Video surveillance is carried out with a view to the safety of guests and their property, hotel property.
Compliance with the order at the hotel

Visitors have no documents, the documents are not valid or expired, there is a suspicion that the documents are false;
there is no charge for the room in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;
Guest at the unkempt, dirty looks, he is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, inadequate behaves aggressively;
Guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of their stay.