Traditional Balinese massage Traditional Balinese massage combines different techniques
Stone Therapy Feel the power of stones during stone therapy
Anti-cellulite massage Slim It saturated the dynamic variant of massage
Traditional Thai massage Traditional Thai massage returns the natural flexibility
Foot reflexology Use technology to constant pressure
Anti-stress massage This combination, consisting of foot reflexology
Lomi Lomi After an hour of the session you will feel as if he had just returned from the resort
Aroma Aromatherapy presents a sensual, olfactory pleasure
Massage with herbal bags Massage with herbal bags - a great anti-stress and mild lymphatic drainage procedure
Todoxs-lifting facial massage Muscles keep our face as a framework
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Creole massage

Creole massage - a massage with bamboo sticks. This type of massage is not only slim body and spirit, restores the functionality of the body and gives peace. Bamboo massage is shown in Odessa and is very effective in overweight and cellulite. During the massage using special bamboo sticks, they are almost perfectly match the contours of the body and restore energy balance.

A distinctive feature of Creole massage is the increased efficiency, particularly in the elaboration of the thighs, buttocks, joints.

You own experience make sure Creole massage - the perfect remedy for the treatment and prevention of obesity, overweight, cellulite, mental and physical fatigue.

We have low prices on a bamboo massage

The cost of the procedure for 1 person:

60 min - 1000 UAH
90 min - 1200 UAH

120 min - 1400 UAH


Interestingly about a bamboo massage

Creole bamboo massage originated in the distant and alluring shores of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The main tool for this type of massage is a solid bamboo sticks, so smoothly and skillfully moving through the body, like the hands of masters. Bending and structure of bamboo sticks to perfectly fit the contour of the human body, thus allowing to work out all vital points on the body active. This type of massage relieves muscle tension perfectly, can achieve deep relaxation of the whole body, as well as an effective way of body shaping and weight loss.

Bamboo massage salon in Odessa Sun City Bali, as well as Thai massage , will fill you with positive emotions and unforgettable impressions of the procedure. This type of massage helps with great physical and emotional stress, when labor fatigue and mental stress. It is also an excellent tool in the treatment of cellulite. Creole massage gives the flow of oxygen to the skin cells, normalizes sleep, and improves the tone of the whole organism.

Features bamboo massage

Bamboo massage salon in Sun City Bali Odessa & ndash; not only health and relaxation treatments, a true magic ritual with ethnic music, aromatic oils, and such exotic techniques the massage.

Теперь для того чтобы почувствовать всю прелесть Креольского бамбукового массажа нет необходимости лететь на дальние экзотические острова, достаточно просто прийти в СПА салон Sun City Bali!

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