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For many city dwellers rent cottage in Odessa - a break from the concrete walls of apartment buildings and endless business concerns. Even a small weekend in a house near the coast or in the open air - it is successfully carried out the weekend. And if the house in Odessa remove the whole family or a large group of friends, you can spend those few days unforgettable.

Rent apartments in Odessa, near the sea with us!

Many vacationers prefer to stay in a hotel, and find homes for rent in Odessa. This method of relaxation contains many benefits compared to staying at the hotel. First of all, it's a good location. You can rent a cottage in the woods or on the lake, away from civilization. So you can take a break from the bustling city, and do not interfere with the tourists in the hotel.

Always popular in Odessa cottages by the sea. Here the clock:

  • enjoy the scenic painting surface of the sea from the windows,
  • impregnated salts breathe air,
  • relax to the sound of the surf.

And housing in Odessa by the Sea is popular not only in summer but also in winter. adopt a cottage near the sea Odessa can be next to any beach. The most popular arcade. It has long been a center of entertainment and open-air parties. Arkady recognized luxury beach area. So here you can spend and VIP-party.

Infrastructure cottages

Cottages on the beach in Odessa - a luxury housing, so the guests can count on the modern equipment of the house. Often, the cottages have swimming pools, sauna, pool, cinemas and other diverse infrastructure. Of course, we must not forget the numerous beds, several bathrooms, equipped with the latest technology kitchen and dining room with fireplace.

Luxury apartments in Odessa - the perfect place for celebration

If you have planned a wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate, or even fishing or hunting, you will approach the holiday home in Odessa. Remove the can as a small house in the country style and luxury apartment for a party. This will save you from the presence of strangers at the party, and you can have fun all night. Sun City also offers cottages for the New Year in Odessa for your company, so the holiday was in a special fun, entertaining and personal.

VIP-apartments in Odessa

To rest is really a success, it must start by finding a decent cottage. Option house by the sea with poor interiors and lack of entertainment is not a priority. Sun City offers comfortable, modern apartment in Arcadia, at an affordable price for celebrations and secluded relaxation.

Here you can rent a cottage in Odessa, equipped with the necessary technology - air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and LED panels. Duplex apartments include two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen-living room. Guests we offer not only apartments but also a convenient infrastructure for special relaxation - Russian steam room, beauty treatment rooms and a relaxation area. In our house you can even come with their children, because we have qualified nanny. In Sun City has thought of everything for your vacation. You can see this yourself by looking at our gallery. But, of course, when you come to us, we will try to surpass your expectations.

Book a hotel in Odessa apartment at a bargain price!