For men This procedure combines two completely different techniques of Thai and Balinese massage
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For women

Royal Care – 3 hours 30 min, 2100 UAH

  • Scrubbing (to choose)     
  • Body Mask (to choose)     
  • Firming facial massage     
  • Tea     
  • Bali massage / Stone Therapy (your choice)     
  • Foot massage

Natural cosmetic products and application technology, as well as caring massage will bring you an incomparable pleasure.
Each syllable relaxing composition gives their value for your body and soul.
Spa complex is aimed at awakening vitality, restoration and rejuvenation. First you enjoy a deep cleansing, which is achieved by using a scrub made from natural ingredients, which you can choose from our rich collection. Then we will please your skin nourishing, moisturizing wrap. After that you will find a pull-up massage for the face. A cup of tea elite, rich in vitamins, helps relax. Ends procedure relaxation body massage and acupressure stop.
Feel like a queen!

Silk Skin – 2 hr 30 min, 1500 UAH

  • Scrab (fruit / coffee to choose from)     
  • Body Mask (to choose)     
  • Balinese massage

We have created an excellent comprehensive program specifically for your skin, which includes beauty treatments for the body plus a relaxing massage.
Scrubbing of the body to cleanse and tone. This procedure aims to ensure that you admired his bodily temple. After the session you enjoy velvety peach skin without cellulite.
Nourishing Mask. Various natural mask for your choice, to moisturize your skin, soothe irritation, promote natural regeneration.
Relaxing body massage. Relieve stress, relax and help resolve long-standing issues. Rather, some of them themselves recede into the background and evaporate superfluous. And the rest of you decide to easy, because look at them from a different angle and find out.

Slim body – 2 hr, 1400 UAH
  • Mask (Laminaria)     
  • Slim-massage

This SPA-complex will allow you to adjust your body. Its action improves circuits and improve skin elasticity. Laminaria bring toxins, improves metabolic processes in your body and allow you to forget for a few sessions of cellulite for the long term.
Beautiful body - like a sculpture - there is nothing superfluous. And it is not a question of standards 90-60-90. We are talking about a beautiful pull up the body in which you have a wonderful stay, and others want to admire.
Zhirosgizhayuschy cream + special equipment - two tools with which masseurs return the natural aesthetics of the figure. Of course, far from relaxing massage treatments. This rich dynamic option that focuses on problem areas. However, you will enjoy these invigorating sensation. After all, it stands for the main surprise - a beautiful silhouette and healthy skin. It feels like the body responds joyful state as after a good workout. The finishing touch of this complex will be firming body cream.

Relaxation – 2 hr, 1200 UAH

  • Balinese massage
  • Head massage / Foot massage (to choose)

Do you know a state where you surrender completely to Stay calm yourself in your body?
My head does not swarming thoughts, no distractions, the soul smoothly and quietly, you feel pleasure and start to emit light energy.
And while your body is purified and filled with beauty and youth.
We offer you 130 minutes of creative relaxation, after which you will be surprisingly easy and good to walk through life.
Balinese masters not only comply with all national tradition of massage, they perform the technique with a special attitude. Their every gesture imbued with love for you - it's hard to describe in words, you need to experience. Massage sets you on positive thoughts, and then you cease to think and do - concentrate on the sensations.
This harmonious state will not give any one text.
It must experience in person!