For women This procedure combines two completely different techniques of Thai and Balinese massage
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For men

Vivacity – 2 hours 1250 UAH

  • Thai Massage     
  • Anti-stress massage

This procedure combines two completely different techniques of Thai and Balinese massage, designed to fill your body with an incredible rush of energy. After a Thai massage you feel that you can move mountains with their hands. Can you imagine how much fun with this spirit to meet new challenges and to move towards the goals? Massage the head and cervical area in the first place will bring a pleasant feeling. And a positive impact on overall health, as relieve spasms and muscle clamps allow extra throw thoughts out of my head.
After such a complex will increase overall vitality, the mind is clearer and there will be new ideas. Just what you need to succeed and the chance of the race.
Men expensive rest.
After this procedure from your weariness will evaporate and burst of energy will stay with you for a long time.

Strength – 2 h  1350 grn

  • Creole massage     
  • Foot reflexology / massage the head and shoulders (choice)

Creole massage activates the energy centers, heals the pain and helps restore emotional balance, improves the immune system. Very much appreciated by those who are in a dynamic mode, playing for high stakes and develops large-scale projects.
If your busy schedule to regularly come to massage sessions Creole, to maintain its vitality and to be ready for new achievements.
Foot massage or head and shoulders of your choice consolidate the effect.
After a two-hour session, you feel as though you are crowned, and was appointed master of the world. You envelops the state of unconditional joy, a burst of energy, a sense of inner freedom and fullness sensations.

Relaxation – 2 h 30 min 1400 UAH

  • Balinese massage / massage with herbal bags (to choose from)     
  • Anti-stress massage

Have a few drinks at the bar - also an option of relaxation. But it brings little benefit to health. Relaxation in the SPA-salon helps to restart the brain to disconnect from the routine and the problems at the time to take off the weight of responsibility (husband, father, head - how many!) And really just relax - body and soul.
In order to free the body from negative energy and relieve muscle tension Master program starts with a traditional Balinese massage or massage with herbal bags (of your choice), and after a nice break for tea, you will enjoy a relaxing massage, anti-stress under the gentle hands of Balinese charming witches.