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Complex in Arcadia

Suncity is located Arcadia - in the heart of the resort of Odessa. Rich and diverse infrastructure allows you to experience all the delights of the modern holiday. Arcadia today - is the best entertainment center in Eastern Europe. Here focused the most famous restaurants and nightclubs in Odessa, modern beaches and shopping centers European level.Just a stone's throw from Suncity it is full of life, but here you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

All residents of Odessa know that Arcadia is the most popular resort area and entertainment center of Odessa, sandy beach, area of prestigious residences and convenient infrastructure.

Residents of Odessa called this area in honor of the mountainous region of Greece, where, on presentation of the Greeks, was reigned happiness, peace, serenity, quiet, simplicity of manners - an idyllic place on earth.

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