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    29 March 2023
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    30 March 2023
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Sun City Apartments & Hotel

The idea for creating Sun City Apartments was inspired by the popular residence units built like Town Houses. The complex of cottages is located in the Arcadia elite area. Within walking distance of the most popular beaches, restaurants, clubs and shopping centers of Odessa city, as well as a large park area for outdoor activities and walks.

The main feature of our complex is an open terrace with a heated hot tub with lighting in each cottage. Here you can completely relax and restore after a busy day out.

For an even more comfortable stay in our apartments, we offer Sun City Bali SPA on the territory of the complex, where the best therapists from the paradise island of Bali will provide you and your loved ones with a true cure for stress and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sun City Apartments is a sun-filled hotel, a beaming hotel... And each cottage is an oasis of tranquility and comfort, giving out a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience.


Why us?

- it’s a fully autonomous complex, built in the spring of 2014;
- build-in hot tubs (led lighting, filtering, up to 42 degrees C water heat up, the latest whirlpool) on each of the terraces;
- an "ecowater" system guarantees the highest quality of drinking water in the complex;
- a Sun City Bali spa salon on the territory of the complex, where you can treat yourself to spa treatments and massages from the specialists of the distant island of Bali with a 10% discount for guests of the apartments;
- a private outdoor terrace with a hot tub in each cottage;
- a barbecue grill on the territory of the complex, where, if you want, you can prepare your favorite dishes;
- complex administrators’ readiness to help make your vacation entertaining and comfortable.

Located near the sea.

The hotel is situated at a 7-minute-walk distance to the beaches of Arcadia.

Private terrace with a hot tub.

Each cottage has its own private terrace with a hot tub with up to 42 degrees C water heat up.

Balinese massage.

There is a Bali SPA on the territory, where therapists from the island of Bali will provide true relaxation.


Secure parking in front of the apartments.

3D tour

Infrastructure cottages

Cottages on the beach in Odessa - a luxury housing, so the guests can count on the modern equipment of the house. Often, the cottages have swimming pools, sauna, pool, cinemas and other diverse infrastructure. Of course, we must not forget the numerous beds, several bathrooms, equipped with the latest technology kitchen and dining room with fireplace.

Luxury apartments in Odessa - the perfect place for celebration

If you have planned a wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate, or even fishing or hunting, you will approach the holiday home in Odessa. Remove the can as a small house in the country style and luxury apartment for a party. This will save you from the presence of strangers at the party, and you can have fun all night. Sun City also offers cottages for the New Year in Odessa for your company, so the holiday was in a special fun, entertaining and personal.

VIP-apartments in Odessa

To rest is really a success, it must start by finding a decent cottage. Option house by the sea with poor interiors and lack of entertainment is not a priority. Sun City offers comfortable, modern apartment in Arcadia, at an affordable price for celebrations and secluded relaxation.

Here you can rent a cottage in Odessa, equipped with the necessary technology - air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and LED panels. Duplex apartments include two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen-living room. Guests we offer not only apartments but also a convenient infrastructure for special relaxation - Russian steam room, beauty treatment rooms and a relaxation area. In our house you can even come with their children, because we have qualified nanny. In Sun City has thought of everything for your vacation. You can see this yourself by looking at our gallery. But, of course, when you come to us, we will try to surpass your expectations.

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